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MEDIEVAL collection. SALT BOX. 1/48th scale KIT

MEDIEVAL collection. SALT BOX. 1/48th scale KIT

1/48th kit salt box 

 Size: 1.2 cm wide 1.6 cm height.

 Made for a 1/48th dolls house, Suitable for railway scenes. I have used this 1/48th version as a gold box with jewels.

 Flat packed in kit form and ready for you to choose your own colours and design. Non opening lid.

Salt was important for preserving food as well as cooking it. In colonial homes, free-flowing grains [of salt] began with placing the salt box near the fire for drying out lumps or removing a brick to make a salt niche.

Wooden salt boxes could be covered with decorative carving, sometimes as an engagement gift, painted, veneered, or left plain.

The salt box was full of meaning, over and above its practical importance. It was a symbol of hospitality in Germany, and suggested a well-run and comfortable home in Britain and Ireland too. Like salt itself the box might not be noticeable, and yet it was essential for cooking.

Photos featured are the property of Raptoor Crafting used with permission.

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