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Tudor curved leg chair.1/48th kit

Tudor curved leg chair.1/48th kit

1/48th kit Tudor curved leg chair, quarter scale

Flat packed, in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing.

 Size: 1.5 cm wide by 2 cm tall at the highest point by 1 cm deep.

 Material for the seat is not included.

 Tudor furniture is the term used to define the English furniture of the 16th century. ... The linen-fold motif, introduced in England from France or Flanders in the 15th century, appeared together with Tudor details on chests, choir stalls, and footboards of beds.

The style and quality of furniture found in homes in the Tudor period varied according to the wealth of the individual. The majority of Tudor furniture was made from wood, oak being a popular choice. For the poor man, something as luxurious as a real bed was out of reach, and furniture of any real substance was lacking in the houses of the poor working men. For the wealthy of course things were much different with many heavily carved, luxurious items.

Shipping is calculated based on weight when multiple items are purchased. Photos featured are the property of Raptoor Crafting used with permission.

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