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Building supplies. SET OF WHEELS (pack of 4) 1/48th scale kit

Building supplies. SET OF WHEELS (pack of 4) 1/48th scale kit

Set of cart wheels 4 in a pack. 1/48th scale

Size: 1.4 cms circumference from the outer rim.

Flat packed, in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing.

Wheels for carts (cartwheels), wagons (wains), traps and coaches and the belt drives of steam powered machinery. First constructing the hub (called the nave), the spokes and the rim/felloe segments (pronounced fellies) and assembling them all into a unit working from the center of the wheel outwards. Most wheels were made from wood, but other materials have been used, such as bone and horn, for decorative or other purposes. Some earlier construction for wheels such as those used in early chariots were bound by rawhide that would be applied wet and would shrink whilst drying, compressing and binding the woodwork together. After many centuries wheels evolved to be straked with iron, a method of nailing iron plates onto the felloes to protect against wear on the ground and to help bind the wheel together. Straking was considered to be a less skilled practice and could be done with less knowledge and equipment, this made the wheels easier to service without the need for a Blacksmith.Postage will be combined if purchasing more than one item.

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