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Chinese Collection. DISPLAY CABINET.1/48th scale kit

Chinese Collection. DISPLAY CABINET.1/48th scale kit

1/48th quarter scale Chinese style display case.

Flat packed in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing. I used copic and promarker staining pens rather than paint. Bead colour may vary.

Size: 3.7 cm high x 2.2 wide. 

Non-opening doors. The cabinet shown had the door slightly open.

In Chinese culture, the circle stands for “fulfilled”, “oneness”, “perfection”, “unity”. More specifically, it's the process of something coming full circle that bears the most importance.

We used the Chinese symbol for wealth to match our other accessories in this chinese range.

Chinese symbols are used as the Chinese writing system does not have an alphabet, which is a set of characters that represent units of sound or phonemes). Instead, the Chinese writing system is made up of an unlimited set of characters or logographs that represent a unit of meaning or morpheme (i.e., a word)

Photos featured are the property of Raptoor Crafting used with permission.

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