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Christmas Collection. Finnish FAIRY/ELF/ TONTTU HOUSE.1/48th scale kit

Christmas Collection. Finnish FAIRY/ELF/ TONTTU HOUSE.1/48th scale kit

1/48th Tonttu/fairy/elf advent calendar or house.

 Size: 6.5 cms high x 3 cms deep.

 Flat packed in kit form for you to decorate yourself.  This kit is for an advanced dolls house maker.

 Indoor use only.

 The roof is removable so that you can leave a small surprise inside each day during December. This helps reduce advent calendar waste and the house can be used year after year.

Raptoor crafting is based in Finland - Korvatunturi is best known as the home of Father Christmas (or Joulupukki in Finnish). According to Finnish Folklore, this land is the location of Father Christmas’ secret workshop, where toys, trinkets and gifts are made and eventually wrapped by elves. Known for their good-natured demeanour and their role as guardians of homes, these gnomes are also responsible for analysing weather patterns for the yearly gift-giving trip around the world. People have also said that the ear-shaped structure of the fell allows Father Christmas to hear the wishes of every child on Earth. In popular media, this legend has been adapted into the film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

The words tomte and tonttu are derived from the term for a place of residence and area of influence: the house lot, tomt (Swedish) or tontti (Finnish). According to tradition, the nisse lives in the houses and barns of the farmstead, and secretly act as their guardian.

A tonttu is a miniature mythical humanoid creature believed to live in the forests and in or near people’s dwellings, similar to an elf or gnome. An elf (Santa’s helper).

Photos featured are the property of Raptoor Crafting used with permission.

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