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GOTHIC pew 1/48th scale KIT

GOTHIC pew 1/48th scale KIT

1/48th medieval/gothic pew.

Flat packed, in kit form and ready for you to choose your own colours and design. 

Size: 2.9 cms wide x 2.9 cms high at the top of the cross x 1.1 cms deep at the widest point.

The word pew actually derived from an original Latin word that signified more than one podium, or podia. Over the centuries the word evolved and the concept of an elevated seating box or pedestal seating was introduced. ... This raised seating took on the Old French word puie, which means “balcony” or “elevation.

These benches were originally designed for the balcony of an ancient Roman theater, and they eventually become these special box seats where dignitaries or important families in a community would sit in church – they would sit in the same pew every week. After a while, the word pew eventually was applied to all of the seats in a church, not just the boxes toward the front. Of course, eventually all the boxes were eliminated as churches began to recognize all parishioners as the same children of God and did not actively segregate according to status. Anyway, the word “puie” evolved into the current English “pew,” in about the 17th century as applying to all church seating.

Designed and laser cut by Raptoor.

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